Fridays are for Foodventures.


Foodventures are officially the Friday norm. (I can dig it.) This past Friday, a couple of friends and I decided to try a local Turkish restaurant called Bosphorous, and ended up staying to get dessert at Kilwins and shop around for a bit. And it was finally cold, for about twenty-four hours…

First stop, Bosphorous

Bosphorous Turkish Cuisine has been on Park Ave for ages, and every time I walk by, I can’t help but take a sample from the server outside that usually serves samples of their chicken. It never disappoints, but this time, I needed the real thing. My friends and I decided to meet for linner (lunch/dinner), and the first thing we ordered was lavas with hummus.


Lavas is a bread that is quite similar to naan. When it comes out, it’s puffed up like in the picture, and you poke holes in the bread with a knife to let the steam out and deflate it. Once it’s all set to eat, prepare yourself for absolute bliss. I could not stop eating the bread, even when my entree came out. The hummus is great as well, but the lavas is a Bosphorous signature item, which means there’s basically no point in going if you don’t order it. Next time I’m in the area, I think I might just get an order of lavas to go (if possible) so I can have some at home.

DSC_0244 copy

For my entree, my friend and I split a Chicken Kofte, which is described on the Bosphorous menu as “hand chopped chicken seasoned with green onion, dilli, fresh tomatoes, garlic, and parsley then char-grilled.” Most entrees come with fresh steamed rice and pickled red cabbage, carrots, and onions with parsley. The seasoning on the chicken is AH-mazing, and the rice and veggies go perfectly with the meat. Unless you’re really into leftovers, I wouldn’t recommend getting a whole entree for yourself. I was barely able to finish even half of the food. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing, but the servings are huge! If you don’t eat meat, don’t worry, because there are some great vegetarian dishes as well. I will definitely be going back in the near future to try some more food.


Since I (somehow) resisted the urge to order a baklava at Bosphorous, it was time for dessert. Last time, I showed you all Peterbrooke’s Chocolatier, but this time, my friends and I went to Kilwins. Kilwins is another chocolate shop that’s just as good (if not better than) as Peterbrooke’s.


I bought a hazelnut truffle, milk chocolate Oreo with sprinkles, and a peanut cluster. Every single treat in Kilwins looked amazing, and there was so much to choose from, I don’t know how I managed to narrow it down to three things. I already have a wishlist for my next trip; Oreo bark, champagne truffle, and a Krispie treat. Kilwins also has great ice cream! They’re all over the state of Florida, so if you ever manage to visit, you should definitely stop by a Kilwins.

I also had to stop by L’Occitane on Friday and get a full-sized Almond Supple Skin Oil. In my L’Occi Box post, I raved about the oil, but I am full-on obsessed. There’s also a new Cherry Blossom perfume (two, actually) that smells heavenly, which I need as soon as I use up all of my other perfumes. And I’ll leave you all with an outfit picture, since at this point it would be weird if I didn’t include one…

DSC_0297 2
Scarf: Target | Sweater: American Apparel | Jeans: ASOS | Boots: Target (old) | Overcoat: Forever 21

Did you discover/try anything new over the weekend? Let me know about it in the comments!



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