When The Weather Decides What You’re Wearing


This is what I wore on Valentine’s Day. Was it what I had planned for the night’s festivities? Not at all. I had been envisioning a floral playsuit (that had shorts instead of actual pants) with lace-up heeled sandals and the peachy nude lips I debuted last week on here. I tried so hard to make it work with tights, but it the playsuit demands to be worn on its own with a pair of smokin’ hot heels. Although it was nice and warm during the day, once the sun went down, it was in the 40’s, which is pretty unusual (unless there’s a cold front). I had to choose between getting sick and making my outfit planning dreams come true, so you can guess which one I chose. 

For some reason, I thought it would be a really good idea to pick an outfit inspired by Taylor Swift’s Blank Space video, since there are so many amazing pieces to pull inspiration from. I put so much work into planning the outfit. I went on a scavenger hunt at Forever 21 to find a topcoat that coordinated with the playsuit. I spent a lot of time looking silly around the house breaking in the new lace-up heeled sandals I got. And as usual, Florida’s weather thwarted my plans. I went outside to test my outfit out and even with the sun still up, I could tell that a cold was written in my future unless I changed into something warmer. With only forty minutes left to do my hair and make-up, I panicked. The first thing I grabbed was my new plaid skirt from H&M, and I paired it with my trusty turtleneck from Cache with the shoulder cut-outs. When it’s cold and I don’t know what else to wear, I turn to my black and nude turtlenecks.

Since I was wearing a lot of black, I decided to break things up with my leopard coat (contrary to what my blog leads you to believe, I actually do own other coats). I also realized that the only thing saving my outfit from becoming my elementary school uniform was a pair of heels, so I chose my chunky heeled ankle booties from Shoe Dazzle. The one thing I was able to salvage from my original outfit was a y-chain necklace from BaubleBar, aka my new favorite trend. You can wear it casually with a v-neck or turtleneck, or you can glam it up by wearing it backwards with one of those gorgeous dresses with a low-cut back. I’m all for this new trend!



While I didn’t get to wear what I had been obsessing over the last couple of weeks, I’m glad I managed to look cute while keeping warm. I had a really fun night out with my friends. 🙂

Does anyone else have similar stories about unexpected outfit changes? What do you usually do in this situation? Let’s chat in the comments!



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