Happy Valentine’s Day!


Hi everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day…or in my case, Galentine’s Day! I’ll just be spending my evening with my closest friends, doing what we do best – eating, drinking, and being merry (in the form of karaoke and going to the movies). It’s great to be able to be spoiled by a loved one on Valentine’s Day, but I think it’s better to spoil yourself. I may be biased, but nothing compares to the love you have for yourself.


I had cards made for my friends at May Designs, using a One Direction song lyric and a picture I took at 1D Orlando, since they’re basically all we talk about. I made little gift bags of rose macarons and the chocolate strawberry vinaigrette truffle I can’t stop thinking about from Peterbrooke’s. The mini baskets are from the Target dollar spot, which has the cutest little Valentine’s Day items, if you haven’t seen them already.

If you’re single, or can’t be with your significant other, here are some things you can do to celebrate Valentine’s Day without being bitter or miserable (like I am deep down inside):

1. Have a spa day.
Treat yourself! You deserve it. And if spas are all booked last minute, or you don’t want to go alone, relax and take a bubble bath with some wine and a good, light book. LUSH has the best bath bombs, body scrubs, and bubble bars, and you’ll have an excuse to get all of the limited edition ones for yourself! 😉
2. Have a movie night with your gal pals.
Have each of them pick their favorite romantic comedy and bring their favorite snack. Gush over the lead actor/actress.
3. Go for a scenic run.
If you’re on the athletic side, treat yourself to a scenic run, or do yoga at your favorite outdoor spot. Spending time by yourself is calming (to me, at least), so you’ll feel great once you get those endorphins flowing.
4. Check out neighborhood festivals.
See if there’s anything going on in your neighborhood! Discovering new things and meeting new people might just be what you need to get out of whatever rut you may or may not be in.
5. Partake in Sundae Sunday a day early.
This one is especially geared towards the people who really watch what they eat day in and day out…take a break and make yourself a sundae! Go to the grocery and get your favorite ice cream or gelato along with your favorite toppings. The challenge? Don’t feel one ounce of guilt afterwards.
6. Jam out to a Valentine’s Day mixtape with your friends.
If rom-coms aren’t your thing, put together a playlist of your favorite love (or anti-love) songs and share it with your friends. Maybe you’ll introduce some new music to them that they really enjoy or vice-versa!
7. Make a last-minute decision to go to a concert/show.
Buy yourself a ticket to the concert or play you’ve been wanting to go to for a while, but haven’t bought yet because you’ve been weighing the pros and cons of buying the ticket. Go to an improv show. Go see something that makes you happy 🙂
8. Meditate.
You don’t have to full-on meditate if you don’t want to, but reflect on the good things that have happened so far in 2015. Reflect on the good things that are about to happen because of all of the hard work you’ve been putting in. Channel all of the positive energy that you possibly can.

What is everyone else doing today/tonight? And who’s excited for the discount candy tomorrow, besides me?! I hope everyone has a lovely evening whether or not you have a valentine!



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