Review: Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection


If you’re big on following beauty bloggers on Instagram, or frequent ULTA, then you know all about the new Real Techniques brush collection! It’s their premium collection which boasts ultra soft bristles (making them very luxe feeling) and weighted handles for flawless application. Real Techniques is one of my favorite brands to buy brushes and sponges from, and I’m a sucker for anything gold/rose gold/silver, so of course I had to try these out! 


100 Arched Powder brush, $25.99


200 Oval Shadow brush, $15.99


202 Angled Liner brush, $15.99

The three brushes I purchased were the arched powder brush (300), oval shadow brush (200), and the angled liner brush (202). My favorite brush is probably the 202, because it really helps me control the gel liner I use for the precise wing I want. My first impression of the 200 brush wasn’t too great, because the brush head itself is kind of huge unless you’re applying a shadow all over the lid. I tried it again with just one shadow over the lid to start with and I liked how even the application was. I might also try to use it for highlighting my nose. The powder brush is good, but it’s nothing amazing (so far). I use it to apply my Guerlain Meteorites powder in Dore.


Just wanted to include a shot of hand vs the brushes; the brushes are big and a bit heavy for those with small hands, but I have rather large hands and I like how they feel in my hands while I’m applying my makeup.


The bristles are very soft and dense, which is what Real Techniques was aiming for. Another ‘pro’ is that the bristles were made white so you know how much makeup the brush picks up before you apply it. This was particularly helpful with the powder brush, and I imagine with the contour and blush brushes.

All in all, I quite like these brushes, but I don’t think they’re for everyone. Some people will find them too heavy/bulky and awkwardly shaped. The only brush I think is a must-have is the angled liner one, especially for those who struggle with gel liner. I was able score a deal on these at ULTA – Real Techniques brushes were buy one, get one half off, and I used the $3.50 off your purchase of $10 or more coupon at ULTA. I wanted to get either the blush or contour brush as well, but they were all sold out by the time I made it to ULTA! Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have purchased any of the brushes besides the angled liner one if there wasn’t a promotion going on. I feel like RT’s regular brushes do just about the same thing as these, they’re just not as pretty. As far as I know, this line is permanent, which means all of the stores should be restocking whatever brushes they are sold out of soon 🙂 This collection can be found at ULTA,, and Boots stores. For more information on each brush, you can go to the Real Techniques website.

Has anyone else tried these brushes? What do you think? What are your favourite brushes? Let’s chat in the comments!



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