Current Obsession: ColourPop Cosmetics


One of the things I got for Christmas from my dad was a box full of ColourPop items that I put on my wishlist. You may have read about them in a previous blog post, or have seen them on Instagram. They’re a fairly new company based in Los Angeles, CA that prides themselves on standing against animal testing, which is always a plus. Today I wanted to share what I got, as well as rave about the company, because I’m pretty sure I will not stop until I have every last item on their website. (I wish I was kidding.)



I got the Not A Box Of Chocolates holiday eyeshadow set ($30 for six shadows!) and as you can see, I couldn’t wait to use it. Here are the shades as described on the ColourPop website:
Halo – Golden champagne dusted with soft gold glitter/Satin Luxe Finish
Sleigh – Icy sage sprinkled with tons of multicolored glitter/Metallic Finish
Tinsel – Grayed out icy lavender/Metallic Finish
Drift – True cranberry/Pearlized Finish
Partridge – Saddle brown undertone with a green duo chrome finish/Pearlized Finish
Doe-A-Deer – Blackened violet/Matte Finish
I also got three lippiestix (LBB, Bitchette, and Leather). At $5 each, you can’t go wrong! A lot of their colours are very good dupes for certain MAC shades. I wore Bitchette on New Year’s Eve, and it lasted me throughout the night (and the wine flight) without having to reapply. It wasn’t drying, which is definitely something I look for in a matte lipstick. The shipping estimate is very accurate from the time they send you a shipping confirmation, and they are working on expanding their delivery to other countries. Here are some swatches:


LBB is comparable to MAC’s Fashion Revival and Melt Cosmetics Dark Room, for those who missed out on either of those two lipsticks.


Not A Box Of Chocolates eyeshadows with no flash. I wear NC 42 in MAC foundation, for reference. Swatched with my finger, no primer.


Not A Box Of Chocolates eyeshadows with no flash. Swatched with my finger, no primer.

All of the eyeshadows go on so smoothly, and they’re best applied with your finger. The shadows with glitter in them are absolutely beautiful, but not everyone likes glitter, so thankfully ColourPop released a bunch of matte shades. The only matte shade of theirs I have is Doe-A-Deer but I quite like it, so I’m definitely going to try more. I also went overboard with the lipsticks around Christmas, as well as one of the new Melt Cosmetics eyeshadow stacks, so you’ll be hearing more about those in the future!

Have you tried ColourPop? What do you think? Let’s chat in the comments section 🙂



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