Nubiana Takes New York City

Hello lovelies! I just got back from my trip to NYC. It went by so quickly…I wish I could’ve stayed for the entire month I have off of school. Aside from family gatherings, I had a really good time shopping in the city, seeing the holiday window displays, and watching Cinderella on Broadway. Surprisingly, I didn’t get sick. I would like to think that’s on account of my superb layering skills. I just wanted to share some of the highlights of my trip with you all, I hope you enjoy! If you need any recommendations on places to go, where to shop, etc. I would be more than happy to help 🙂 Just leave a comment! 


Outfit details: Dress – VintageScarf – Target | Belt – H&M | Boots – Steve Madden (Troopa limited edition style with gold accents)


Macy’s window display – Each window featured a different planet. I can’t remember which planet this is off the top of my head, but it was definitely a cool concept! Macy’s on 34th is a fashion landmark that I would advise everyone to visit no matter the time of year. There are nine or so floors of clothes, food, shoes, jewelry, and more! Also worth noting is the Urban Outfitters in Herald Square, which is right across the street from Macy’s. It’s an enormous location with a photobooth, cafe, and a full-on beauty section. I’ll let you in on a secret; they’re the only UO store that sells Limecrime lip products, according to the sales associate who cashed me out. I was able to pick up the Utopia and Salem velvetines, which are always sold out on the Limecrime website. They have just about all of the lip products except for the new velvetines (Cashmere and Pansy) and Poisonberry lipstick.


Outfit details: Cape – Michael Kors (old) | Sweater – J.Crew (old) | Pants – J.Crew pixie pant | BootiesAmerican Eagle | ScarfTarget

Word of caution – it’s incredibly hard to get a good picture in front of one of the Macy’s window displays, unless you go at 2 AM…and even so, I’m not sure that the lights are still on. It wasn’t crowded when I went, but there were little kids running around everywhere, so it was impossible to get a picture with the full window in view. One more thing, I just need to rave about the J.Crew pixie pants for a quick second. They’re a great alternative to leggings, since they’re a lot thicker. If you’re thinking about buying them, make sure you size down. I would also recommend waiting for them to go on sale, which should be right after Christmas.


Please excuse my awkward flash induced face. I got the chance to see Keke Palmer in Cinderella, and I loved it! Cinderella isn’t my favorite Disney princess, but this modern take on Cinderella, which I nicknamed ‘Sassyrella,’ is great. I think my favorite thing about the musical was the costuming – when Cinderella transforms her dress to go to the ball, it actually looks like magic. So stunning! And Nene Leakes was born to play the evil stepmother. As for my outfit, I’m wearing my favorite Baublebar earrings, the J.Crew fluted skirt (it’s becoming a closet staple!), blouse from Zara, my black longchamp, and a coat I borrowed – but wish I owned – from my mom. The over-the-knee boots were actually a miracle. Boot shopping is hard for me because I have big feet and bulky calves that are actually slender compared to my thighs. I happened to find these on JustFab and they fit perfectly due to the elastic in the back. However, they did have a heel, and it was a struggle and a half to navigate the NYC underground in them, having to walk up and down a bunch of steps. I wasn’t terribly uncomfortable, though.


I was on my way to the new Topshop location and had to stop by the Rockefeller Center tree. It’s just tradition. The store is huge, by the way! (Well duh, isn’t that what the NYC shopping hype is all about?) I’m so glad I got to go and get a few things as well as try things on so I can order more online. I also love that they offer a student discount.


Barney’s New York window display – I thought it was awesome how they incorporated technology into everything. One of the windows involved a smartphone game. This particular one featured a talking mechanical owl.


Of course, my trip to New York City would not have been complete without a stop at Laduree for some macarons. They had some cool limited edition pineapple boxes, so I chose one of those. Out of the trillion and one things to do in the city, my favorite thing to do is probably buying a box of macarons to share with whoever is with me and sitting in Central Park to people watch.

I had a fun, action-packed trip to NY that was much needed. Now it’s time to organize everything at home and get ready for the new year (after Christmas, of course). Maybe I’ll share my 2014 favorites, as well as my wardrobe/beauty ‘resolutions’ for next year. 😉 Happy Holidays, everyone!



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