Breaking the Rules: Wearing White After Labor Day

Hey everyone! First and foremost, I would like to thank you for visiting my blog. I’ve been wanting to get one started for a few years now, but never had the time because of school. Now that I’m reigning in my time management skills and trying to work more on myself, I took a leap of faith. My mission is to document my style journey through my adulthood and share it with those who are willing to take that journey with me. It’s taken me the bulk of twenty-one years to finally be comfortable in my own skin, so it’s a huge step for me to share it with everyone else.

My first post is all about a huge fashion faux-pas that is no longer really applicable: wearing white after Labor Day. I live in Florida, where it’s hot and humid ten months out of the year, so that rule doesn’t even exist here. I actually debuted this look a few days before Labor Day on my Instagram, but it’s one of my favorite looks as of late, and I will definitely be wearing it again before winter.



Top: Haus of Fashion ‘Gypsy Dress’ | Pants: American Eagle jeggings (old, no longer available; pants are regular length instead of my usual long inseam and are cuffed once at the bottom) | Shoes: JustFab (no longer available) | Necklace: Zara | Bangles: Charming Charlie (not available online) | Clutch: Louis Vuitton toiletry bag as clutch

If you have any suggestions on future posts you would like to see from me, please leave a comment below. Thank you!


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